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Publications & resources

In this section you will find information about ACPMH, research articles, guidelines and education resources for health professionals, our newsroom, mental health and wellbeing information for the community, and a selection of our reports and submissions.



Research articles



Including the Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, approved by the National Health and Medical Research Council



The Trauma and Homelessness Initiative

The Trauma and Homelessness Initiative was a collaboration between four different agencies that provide services to people experiencing homelessness (Sacred Heart Mission, VincentCare, Mind and Inner South Community Health), the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and ACPMH.

The aim of the project was to achieve better outcomes for people experiencing long-term homelessness and who have experienced trauma.

The first four stages of the initiative were investigations into the relationship between trauma and homelessness:
(1) conducting a literature review;
(2) conducting focus groups with staff with the diverse group of agencies working people who experience homelessness;
(3) qualitative research with people who have experienced homelessness;
(4) a quantitative cross-sectional study with over 200 people who experienced homelessness to investigate trauma and mental health issues.

In the fifth and final stage we used the information from these investigations to develop an innovative trauma-informed service framework together with worker guidebook.

Intellectual Property Rights
All intellectual property (including copyright) in the Tool is owned or licensed by the controlling parties (Sacred Heart Mission, Inner South Community Health Services, MIND Australia, VincentCare Victoria and Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health). The controlling parties grants the person or organisation (the user) who downloads or accesses the documents the non-exclusive right to use the material for staff development and practice improvement in a service delivery setting as well as education and training. The user acknowledges that all rights and title in the intellectual property in the materials (including copyright) vest absolutely in the controlling parties. On-selling, renting, sub-licensing or any commercial use of the material in whole or partial form, through any form of media is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the controlling parties.

Approaches targeting outcomes for children exposed to trauma arising from child abuse and neglect: Evidence, practice and implications

Report for the Australian Government Department of Social Services

  • Approaches for trauma from child abuse and neglect - Full Report
  • Approaches for trauma from child abuse and neglect - Appendices

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